~I - Heart - U~

Friday, April 23, 2010

~If I Could Repay You, Love~

It such a beautiful words written by Janeith Hyacinth, Houston, TX.......

and I dedicate this awesome poem to Muhammad Asyraff Nordin...

If I could thank you
I would thank you for
The arms you used to hold me tight
That causes your presence to be felt
Even when you are not here

If I could honor you
I would honor you for
Giving up your hopes and dreams
So that I could accomplish mines

If I could award you
I would award you for
Forgiving me
When I was hurtful
When I was mischievous
When I was ungrateful

If I could recognize you
I would recognize you for
Your affection that you gave freely
Never asking or wanting anything in return

If I could admire you
I would admire you for
Leaving everything you knew
Everyone you knew
To provide a better future for me

If I could compliment you
I would compliment you for
Being patient with me

If I could repay you, love
I would pay you for
Loving me
Even when I did not deserve to be loved